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We Collect Customer Feedback Which Allows Our Clients To Improve Sales! We Find Out Why Customers Do/Don’t Purchase Their Products/Services!

We’re a trusted full-service business network provider and marketing research firm with on-site/off-site polling, surveying, quiz and product/service review and digital advertising  services. We collect consumer feedback in high traffic areas and online social groups for data collection and data analysis purposes.


Before you launch your product/service marketing materials allow us to introduce them to thousands of consumers for feedback. Our platform gives you access to parents, youth, millennials, online shoppers and others. We offer creative and customized solutions for all of your market research needs. 


Our data collection methodologies include fieldwork, mall/hall interviewing, online surveys, in-person and online focus groups, market research communities and bulletin boards. In addition, our experience includes study design, project management, data collection, text analytics and executive summary reporting.

We collect insight in the real world at retail, dining and sporting/event venues, capturing the freshest data without invasive mobile tracking or opt-in-biased panel communities. This revolutionary style of innovative & interactive data collecting is designed to enhance the clients brand awareness, brand culture and brand loyalty. 


We believe that when exhibiting our clients products and services on-site while requesting customer feedback, it not only intensifies the customers shopping experience but it also enables us to further access the wants and needs of the customer. 

Data Collected by polls, interviews, questionnaires and surveys are turned in monthly. Mailing/Subscription lists are created from these potential customers. Clients Posters and custom products are placed on-site. Clients are also named as sponsors in our monthly raffles, giveaways and on-site events. Clients ad commercials are displayed on our Super Sign TV's. Off-site we showcase our clients on our YouTube Product/Service Review Vlog. We also create “Brand Fans” and organize Facebook Groups of particular consumer fans based by the particular brands they like.


Our on-site mall/warehouse showroom locations creates a fun family type of sales environment. It’s a combination of a movie theater/game room and concessions atmosphere to help build positive community relations, brand awareness and brand appreciation. We offer Consumers a connected experience which enables us to understand their offline and online presence, buying behaviors, and interests. Sale leads are also generated by our staff and followed up. 


Use our innovative & interactive digital advertising and data collecting services to match the pace of today’s fast-moving marketplace and rapidly changing consumer desires. 

  • Develop and optimize headlines, ads, logos, press releases and other types of branding or marketing content
  • Evaluate timeliness of issues in the context of today’s news cycles
  • Pulse real-time reactions to products/services to develop thought out marketing procedures or building plans for better ROI
  • Narrow down a broad funnel of ideas and validate further testing and development
  • Test, prioritize and refine concepts, products and services 
  • Measure ad recognition and recall
  • Better understand consumer awareness, attitudes, usage and sentiment
  • Fill gaps in prior research or supplement larger tracking studies
  • Obtain immediate insights when faced with a company crisis, product or service issue

Digital Advertisers

Events & Sponsored Venues

We offer the most inexpensive, cost effective and efficient digital advertising marketing campaigns in all 50 States. 

We would like the opportunity to showcase your business on our digital promotional platforms all year round. We offer the lowest digital ad space and live event marketing services. Our venues receive over 20,000 patrons every month. 

We provide (3) months free trial period for our digital static ads.

We provide digital advertising at our sponsored venue locations, festivals and expos. We place our clients digital video ads on digital monitors throughout venues with high traffic volume and showcase these video ads on our 16ft Movie Screens at our Festivals and Expos. 

We also provide our clients brand ambassadors and vendor booths for showcasing their marketing materials at these events, informing attendees about our clients products and services. Includes two (2) vendor bands & two (2) tickets to the events.

Our Upcoming Events

Festivals & Expos:

2019 Taste of Ohio Festival 

Ohio - June, 1st - 2nd 

2019 Sip, Network & Laff 

Missouri - July, 11th

2019 Sip, Network & Laff 

Colorado - July, 30th

2019 Denvertown Amateur Film Festival 

Colorado - September, 27th - 29th

2020 Exotic Body Painting & Custom Lingerie Fashion Show

Ohio - January 18th

2020 Ohio’s Black Owned Small Business Expo

Ohio - April, 10th - 11th

2020 Choreography Dance & Karaoke Competitions

Ohio - April, 18th - 19th

Sponsored Venue Locations:

J. D. Legends Entertainment Center 65 Millard Drive, Franklin, OH 45005 

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