Make Dayton Great Again

We Need Your Support!

On behalf of TASTE OF OHIO MARKETPLACE LLC , We would like to invite you to take part in an incredible opportunity this year in support of our “Make Dayton Great Again Campaign” involving local residents and the local business community. We kindly ask for your generous contributions in support of our efforts in partnering to reach our goals of making Dayton great again. When you participate in our Taste of the Town “Gourmet Taste Off” a percentage of your proceeds is going back into help revitalize our local community! 

Currently there are over 15,000 vacant and dilapidated properties plaguing the city of Dayton, OH. The overgrown properties are destroying property value, and provide a breeding ground for pest infestation, drug and crime activity. The vision of The Make Dayton Great Again Campaign is to revitalize these properties by converting the vacant lots into networks of greenways, trails, community gardens, advertisement space for billboards, pocket parks, recreational open spaces and the vacant houses into clean energy efficient income based housing. 



The Make Dayton Great Again Campaign came into existence to provide the blueprint to systematically revitalize our low income communities. The Make Dayton Great Again Initiative will act as an nonprofit umbrella corporation with seven subsidiaries. They are as follows:

Revolutionary Land Development

Revolutionary Farmcare

Revolutionary Maintenance and Construction

Revolutionary Resources

Revolutionary Retail Group

Revolutionary Finance Group

Revolutionary Reeducation System 


To put the divine rights of human beings first, and provide food, shelter, and autonomy.

To revitalize, redeem, and restore balance to the impoverished.

To build and maintain the systematic preservation of our communities.

To abolish the greed and corruption that plagues our communities.

Key Strategies:

Revolutionary Land Development will acquire 100 vacant lots in the postal zip code of 45402 through the Lot Links Program. This provides 300,000+ square footage of farmable land for Revolutionary Farmcare, rendering 50,000+ pounds of organic produce. These lots cost $650 per lot. The cost to purchase these lots will be $65,000. Each lot is between an average of 3,000 to 5,000 square feet. The average cost to prepare land for agriculture is $1 per square foot. This includes soil, soil testing, tools, and irrigation. To prepare 100 lots for agriculture would cost $300,000 to $500,000. According to the USDA Urban Agriculture Toolkit, for every $1 invested, there is a $6 return. $1.8M to $3M in return. Being produce, residents will also have the option to use their EBT card, which xx% of the residents have.

An extensive door to door campaign will be executed to raise community awareness. Starting in January, we will start the campaign on the James H. McGhee side of the 45402, and work across the territory street by street, door by door. With two man teams per block, we can reach 6 city block streets in a 5-6 hour workday. Meaning the entire territory can be covered in one months time. The 45402 zip code has a total population of 10,505 according to the last census. 

After the completion of the door to door campaign, The Make Dayton Great Again Campaign will organize three community events. The first is a trash collection and recycling event, to clean the vacant properties. The majority of items collected can be recycled into planters for the community gardens. The second event is to clear the properties of brush and overgrown trees and grass, to be recycled for composting. Lastly, the third community event will be in April to plant seedlings, completing the preparation for Revolutionary Farmcare.

Major Goals:

Tax Exempt 501c.3 for Revolutionary Management Group (October 2018)

Door to Door Campaign (January 2019)

Institution of Revolutionary Land Development (Feb  2019)

Acquisition of 100 vacant lots and 50 foreclosed houses (Feb  2019)

Institution of Revolutionary Farmcare (March  2019)

Preparation of 100 vacant lots (300,000-500,000 sq ft of farmable land) (March  2019)

Seedling Planted (April 2019)

Institution of Revolutionary Resources (May 2019)

50,000lbs organic yield (September 2019)

We sincerely hope that you will take this philanthropic opportunity into consideration as The Make Dayton Great Again Campaign depends greatly on the generous support of members of the local business community such as yourself.