About Us

Taste of Ohio Marketplace LLC

Taste of Ohio Marketplace provides the best in business marketing solutions offering business marketing strategies and services for all businesses. A business network marketing provider specializing in brand promotion and targeted business data. We actively promote company businesses, products and services yearly in unique non-traditional interactive and innovative ways. 

Our top priority is relationships. Establishing and developing relationships between brands and consumers is our goal, and we help to take you there. Getting there also relies on our client relationships. For brand and marketing managers and the agencies representing them, Taste of Ohio Marketplace Ohio is there.

Our Company creates relationships with local businesses, entertainers and industry professionals. We continually provide quality and unique events for clients, sponsors, vendors, and other professionals whose common goal is increasing their brand recognition, awareness, appreciation, loyalty, PR and revenue. We offer our services nationwide.

 Our innovative/interactive marketing solutions seeks to minimize the high cost of Advertisement that many companies face. Our clients range in size from small business to large corporate entities. We scale our services to fit our customers’ present level of development, while keeping their future growth in sight.

Percentage of our proceeds go to revitalizing our local community!

Taste of Ohio LLC platform is used to help fundraise for the Pink Ribbon Girls supporting their fight against Cancer and the Make Dayton Great Again Campaign. The Make Dayton Great Again Initiative is an active civic duty campaign involving business owners and residents collaborating with the goal of improving the quality of life within Dayton, Ohio. For more Info check out our Make Dayton Great Again page!


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